Branding a Waikiki Food Hall

Dukes Lane Market & Eatery

A distant tribute to days gone by

A little about the history of Dukes Lane: the old International Marketplace in Waikiki and the adjacent Dukes Lane was filled with a hub of business kiosks packed tight like sardines in a can. Locals selling their wares, kitchsy Hawaii souvenirs, aloha shirts, sarongs, jewelry, trinkets, shell leis, local food, and more. That is mostly gone now, due to development, and this new food hall is a distant tribute to days gone by.

Brand Identity
Menu Design
The Alleys of the Old International Marketplace

This is just a glimpse at what International Marketplace used to look like (Dukes Lane was a part of it).

Menu Design

As an echo to the tightly packed kiosks, we created a grid pattern made up of the vendors from the new food hall.

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