Hawaiian Host Founder's Collection

Hawaiian Host

A premium packaging system for chocolate covered macadamia nuts

Hawaiian Host, makers of chocolate covered macadamia nuts, is a giant in the Hawaii souvenir gift market. Our task: elevate the top tier of products to compete at a more premium level.

Design Audit
Design System
Photography Direction
Elevating the Product

We researched premium cues in packaging design. We then explored layouts, product label hierarchy, and naming options, among many other factors, to arrive at the final look.

Gilded & Artisanal

Gold foil, moody chocolate photography, and increased white space create a higher quality design. Lastly, we named it the “Founder’s Collection”, after founder Mamoru Takitani. His signature graces the front, and the origin story is placed on the back, bringing to the product an artisanal feel and a connection to its history.

Audit, Research, and Design studies

We did a thorough audit of the all existing packaging. We evaluated the naming, art, layout, and product photography. Market research informed the way we chose to differentiate from competitors. This information guided our strategies for purposeful differentiation between the product lines and layout standardization for better consistency all across the brands many box sizes and flavors.

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