Short Breaks Hawaii Campaign

Hawaiian Airlines

Inviting Aussies to fly to Hawai‘i for curated vacation experiences

Hawaiian Airlines wanted to promote the idea of 4-day short stays in Hawai‘i to attract Australian tourists. We came up with the idea of themed experiences complete with recommendations for dining and activities, even maps, to help potential visitors envision their Hawai‘i vacation.

Web Design

Pick Your Adventure

Working with Hawaiian Airlines and what they knew about their target audiences, we landed on a selection of six themes. The design was arranged in a way that would facilitate easy exploration of the themes. Each card led to a 4-day itinerary with supporting visuals to illustrate the concept. Within the pages we interspersed Hawaiian Airlines messaging about flight amenities and services. Most imporantly, we encouraged users to book tickets.

Custom Lettering

Hand lettering was done for some of the titles, including "Discover Oahu," "Romantic Escape," and "Adventure in Hawaii."

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